headphones plugged into mic - hearing only mono

i am using sony mdr-27 headphones and an audio-technica atr2100-usb mic.

from a previous discussion - i have the headphones plugged into mic and mic plugged into usb on computer. being able to monitor works great. but…

when i import a song into audacity - it comes in as a stereo track. when i record however - i only hear mono (right side) of my headphones. now if i record and switch my playback to the speakers - the song and my voice recording with it cones out as stereo. but if i leave the mic as my playback - again i only hear right side of headphones.

is this the way it’s suppose to be? i take alot of cues from the music and if i didn’t know the song as well as i do - i would miss the point to start singing because i’m missing the other side of the sound. hope that makes sense.

are there some settings i need to change?


oh sorry. never mind. looks like it was a loose connection. :blush: