Headphones not recognized

I’m running the latest version of Audacity on a new computer and I’ve just been having so many issues I’m ready to go back to my broken computer! The latest one added to the current list now is that if I unplug headphones while in Audacity, I have to then tell it to use the speakers to play back. Then once I plug my headphones back in, it doesn’t play through the headphones. It recognizes them as being plugged in and selected, they’re recognized and work on things outside of Audacity, but Audacity itself won’t play through the headphones until I close all my Audacity windows and reopen. Has anyone else had this issue? I never had it on my old computer which was running 1.3 (I believe).

If you add or remove audio devices while Audacity is running, you need to “Rescan audio devices” (near the bottom of the “Transport” menu) to allow Audacity to see the change. “Rescanning” usually takes a few seconds.

After rescanning the audio devices, you may need to change the settings in the Device Toolbar.

I got this “gift” along with a Windows Update last summer. Fortunately for me, later updates have made my computer work more reasonably.

As Steve, says, Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.