Headphones have no sound in them when connected to computer or laptop; or they have sound but my voice is lagging

When I talk into my Samson Meteor Mic external mic which is plugged into my laptop (Windows 7 PC), it records and sounds just fine in my Audacity 2.2.1 but I tried connecting my headphones so I can hear myself talking and I hear nothing in the headphones whether my headphone jack is plugged into the laptop OR the Samson mic. This is when I UNCHECK under the PREFERENCES TAB, software playthrough of input. When I check the box again for software playthrough of input, I can connect my headphones to either the laptop or mic and then I DO hear sound but it is CONSIDERABLY SLOWED DOWN/LAGGED with a bunch of FEEDBACK/ECHO. How can this problem be remedied so I can listen to a clear, normal voice sound through my headphones as I am practicing and recording? There must be something I can check or uncheck. Please someone help as I cannot record into the mic without hearing myself normally in the headphones! I do voice-over work so this is a must! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ASAP! Thank you in advance!

There is always some latency (delay) when monitoring through the computer. Sometimes it can be “managed” to the point where it’s not a problem (or not noticeable) but it’s a LOT better if you can monitor directly.

I looked at the online manual for your microphone and the only thing I see is a headphone volume control, so make sure that’s turned-up. You should be able to hear yourself without running Audacity or any other application. Then turn off Software Playthrough so you don’t get a delayed signal mixed with the direct signal.

Thank you so much for responding to my question. I turned up the volume control on the Samson mic on the front of it (not sure if it’s for headphones) and I still do not hear anything in my headphones, whether my headphones are connected to the mic or connected to the laptop itself and this is while the box for “software playthrough of input” is unchecked. If I CHECK the box for “software playthrough of input” then I can hear myself in my headphones whether they are attached to the mic or to the laptop. But when this happens my voice is verrrryyy delayed/distorted and there is an echo. I am able to record into audacity no problem with no distortion using my Samson mic or even the laptop mic IF the headphones are NOT ATTACHED but I would really like to be able to wear my headphones while making recordings. Is this just not possible using Audacity? They work just fine when I am using them to listen to the things I recorded while not wearing them. It’s just talking into them that does not work properly. Any further suggestions? Thanks again!

Getting the instructions to be clear on headphone monitoring can be a chore.

a headphone output with level control for zero-latency monitoring

That’s from the instructions. That usually means they will let you listen to yourself in perfect, real time no matter what the computer is doing.

Turn off Playthrough in Audacity.

Plug the headphones into the Meteor and make sure the blue USB light is on. Make sure the headphone plug is all the way in. Turn up the volume control on the front. Anything? I expect that to let you listen to your voice.

The meteor is a side-fire microphone. You speak into the side with the company name just above the volume knob.


If this doesn’t work, then it’s possible they make you adjust the microphone with computer apps or software. If they do, then you’re flying on your own. I know nothing about their drivers and software.


Thank you so much for your kind responses. I tried everything you suggested in both but I still hear nothing in my headphones unless I CHECK the box for playthrough in Audacity, but that causes the very slowed down voice sound and the feedback/echo. I will keep trying to find an answer to this online but again thanks for trying to help me! If anyone else knows anything about this problem, feel free to chime in on here. I really need to know if recording in Audacity can only be done WITHOUT headphones on or if there is any way at all to record voice into Audacity wearing headphones with no distortion. Thanks again anyone!