Headphones and Microphone problems!

I record,then I want to listen,but to do that I must unplugg the usb microphone to be able to hear any sound in the headphones. As soon as I unplugg,I hear evrything,but replugg the usb mic,all sound is gone. What is wrong? Cheers!

Firstly, this is the wrong part of the forum for this question. This area is for questions like “How do I change the font colour in my posts?”

Next, the answer to your question depends on which version of Audacity you are using, what type of computer and on which operating system.
If you post those details, one of the moderators can move your post to the right part of the forum.

The quick answer is that, when the USB mic is plugged in, your system is trying to use it for both recording and playback. You need to set your speakers as your playback device with the USB mic plugged in, but exactly how to do this depends on your operating system.