Headphone question

Not a specific Audacity question this, but someone here will probably be able to help;

Can you take outputs from 2 different audio sources and route them through 1 pair of headphones?

My recording set up is a guitar into a Line6 pocket pod, from which I split the output, one to input into my soundcard, and one to go to a simple speaker set as a monitor. I don’t use software playthrough on Audacity due to the latency issues, but do use overdubs, with sound coming out of my pc speakers.
This way, I can hear the tracks I’ve already recorded through Audacity via my pc speakers, and the sound I’m currently recording through my monitor speakers.

If I could take those 2 outputs and chennel them into one set of headphones I could hear everything I needed to, all through my headphones. But would this work? I’ve done something similar using 2 sets of headphones, using one earpiece of each set, but this isn’t ideal.


The split at the Line6 is what may kill you. You’re not just combining two headphone feeds, one of those feeds is a split of the show music. Past that, I would probably try it and see. Radio Shack makes two and three-way headphone splitters…


…and there are cheaper ones available. You can use one of those and one short male to male cable to jack the whole thing together.


Several things are going to happen. Each volume will go down because each amplifier is pushing sound the wrong way into the other amplifier in addition to your headphones. The distortion will go up for a lot of the same reasons, so the show from the Line6 will get fuzzier.

The outputs are designed for a certain amount of abuse, so give it a shot.


How do you use the headphone port on a backpack? my backpack comes with a “headphone port”. the port has a little headphone sign on it. it’s round and is sliced open by a cross. How do I use it?

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Assuming you’re serious, they are so you an have your audio device in your backpack, and the headphones coming out, without having to open a zip.