Headphone option not appearing in Preferences (iMac)

Using Audacity 2.42 on iMac with Sonoma 14, but the problem also occurred under Ventura.
My headphones work with other software.
Getting playback through iMac speakers.
Can’t choose headphones in Audacity Preferences/Devices.
iMac Sound Preferences: Output set to Headphone Port.
Help and advice appreciated!

UPDATE. I switched Audacity off, then opened it up again - and the headphone option was there! I’ve noticed this happening once before, and got to the state where I wondered if I was imagining I saw it working correctly. A week later, and on second power-up, it is working again.

So, it’s inconsistent. Why would that be?


Instead of restarting Audacity, you should be able to do “Rescan Audio Devices” (from the “Transport” menu). This tells Audacity to look for device changes since it was opened (such as headphones being connected).

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Many thanks, Steve. That worked perfectly. Now, if you could solve my other life problem of not being wealthy enough, I’d be eternally grateful!

Seriously, thanks.


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