Headphone amplifiers

Hi Folks,

I need to record my 4 piece country band for a demo.
Probably the easiest way will be to Use my Zoom R16 and DI eveything except the drums.
Then use a 4 way heaphone amplifier. So we can hear what we are doing.
On Ebay in the UK there is a Behringer unit for about £25 and a Samson for about £40.

They both seem to have the same features. Has anyone any experience with either?



I’ve used the Behringer Amp 800.
It’s pretty comprehensive with features - 2 mono/stereo inputs, separate level and pan for each input, separate level for all 4 outputs, sockets duplicated on front and back, link out connectors on the back, input level meters. Sound quality is decent. Main downside is that the case is plastic, though robust enough as long as you don’t drop anything heavy onto it or step on it.

I’ve also used a Millenium HA4.
Very basic, very cheap, very strong case though you may want to glue the rubber end pieces in place, capable of very loud output, decent sound quality. Downside is that it may come with a European power supply so you may need to either buy a new power supply or use an adaptor. Be careful with the volume level - these can go very loud.