I’m looking to record the audio part of an HDMI out signal from my Yamaha receiver to USB. I’m wondering if Audacity supports this. After reading through the manual I see topics for recording from a turntable or cassette deck through USB, but nothing about an HDMI signal. Is Audacity capable of recording this type of input format?


I’m wondering if Audacity supports this.

Audacity can record from any “Windows recording device”. (Right-click the Windows Speaker/Volume icon and select Recording Devices to see what shows-up.)

There are some HDMI-to-USB audio/video capture devices, but they won’t capture encrypted audio/video from a DVD or Blu-Ray, and some other content may be protected too. These devices usually only work with the supplied software.

Does your receiver have analog “tape outputs” or “recording outputs”? If not, you can use the headphone-output into line-in on a regular soundcard, or you can get a USB audio interface with line-inputs.

Even the analog might not be the best idea. Is your analog labeled 'Front-Left," “Front-Right,” etc? Recording from entertainment-quality content is not for the easily frightened.

But if you do get it down to plain stereo, the Behringer UCA-202 seems to work OK.

Works with all computer types (with no drivers). That’s my stereo sound mixer on the right.

Using the audio connector on your laptop isn’t the best idea because they try to do everything and when it works at all, does a poor job. If you do that anyway and record stereo, play the tracks back and make sure they’re different. Look at the bouncing sound meters. One of the failures of the computer connection is recording two copies of Left rather than Left and Right. There is no correction once it does that.