HDMI output? [SOLVED]

Audacity-2.2.1/SuseTumbleweed/Asus-g73 laptop

To get practical tone, I test my audio trax matrix using Audacity on my home stereo by connecting the laptop HDMI port to the AudioVideo receiver-amplifier. This way everything I do on the laptop is echoed to the strereo (and the TV). All I need to do is launch the pulseaudio Volume-Control and then all sound gets echoed also. I play an audio track in VLC and I hear it on my stereo, woofer and all. It’s the typical Netflix setup.

But i cannot get Audacity output to follow this route. The pulse control shows “HDMI/DisplayPort 4 (plugged-in)” as the only available hdmi selection. I presume this means the (only) hdmi port on the laptop. Audacity on the other hand lists only HDMI ports 1,3 1,7 and 1,8 as options which do not do it, neither do the other customary iec958, spdif or default selections.

As it is I have to export the summed matrix to an audio file and play THAT in vlc, kindof a roundabout way that takes a lot of time.

What can I do?

If you set Audacity to use “default” (or “Pulse”) as the output device, routing of the audio output will be controlled by PulseAudio.

I set it to default (there’s no ‘pulse’ option). The pulse Volume-Control window shows only the built-in analog stereo outputting actively and i can hear that in the laptop speakers. The HDMI (4) monitor remains silent. However, as i try to adjust the volume i can hear the big stereo speakers pop, so pulse ‘is’ outputting something to them but it’s not the Audacity output.

In the pulse Volume-Control window, what options are available in the “Output Devices” tab?


Built-in Audio Analog stereo

Port: dropdown list gives 2 options

  • speakers
  • headset
    Here is where the audio playing shows monitor feedback

    GF106 Audio Controller

Port: no dropdown, one option only

  • HDMI/DisplayPort 4 (plugged-in)

the volume slider below this last one is what pops in
the main speakers when moved

  • Launch Audacity,
  • Set the “Output Device” to “Default” in the device toolbar
  • Import or generate some audio,
  • Press “Play” then “Pause”
  • Open PulseAudio Volume control
  • Open the “Playback” tab, and take a screenshot

Post the screenshot so I can see what you are seeing.

i added the Output Devices tab too, the fonts are a little small
in nonkde apps on this laptop :frowning:

I just found it, the playback tab has the HDMI-4 dropdown option, didn't notice it before

sorry Steve, I know you don’t need the likes of me!

Yeah - but we do like folk who are brave enough to fess up :sunglasses:


With the guts, no problemo. But I just turned 74 yesterday and so the full complement of marbles is a different story. :laughing:

[i do hate dropdown lists, would rather see full pages with radio buttons so you always see everything]