HDMI and Audacity incompatible

I’m teaching in a really high-end, new facility with a room of flat-panel screens all around the room, and my teaching computer is connected via HDMI. As soon as I attempt to play audio via Audacity 2.0.1 the screen shuts down. Any help with similar experiences will be helpful. The computer is running OS 10.7. The computer is fine - no crash there. I also tried restarting. Audacity preferences for audio output includes HDMI. This is an all-around problem for digital audio as the computer identifies the HDMI connection (that small connector for monitor outputs) as a fully functioning digital audio interface! So that also kills off alternate audio inputs. I was able to play audio from Apple’s desktop audition (spacebar) and from iTunes. No attempts with other apps yet.

This is too new for me to have more comprehensive information. I’m not there every day, and classes just began this week. Hoping to find some others who have had any experience with HDMI problems with Audacity.

I know writing these when you’re frustrated is hard, but I read that three times and I can’t figure out what the goal is. What are you trying to do? HDMI should appear as a destination picture and sometimes sound, and you should be able to play anything to it from any application.


Oh and the little thing on the side of the Mac is a displayport or Thunderbolt, not HDMI, unless you have a much larger Mac that actually has HDMI connections. You didn’t describe the computer at all. Which screen shuts down?


Thanks, Koz. This was totally new to me that the video out connector was sending HDMI including audio. The computer in question is a Power Mac tower. My return to the room yesterday revealed more information that seems to show that it is NOT an Audacity conflict at all. It is related to a switching network and a Panasonic monitor. A fussy Crestron system is probably at the heart of the problem. It is now causing any audio playing on the computer to shut off the Panasonic monitor and end the audio output. Thanks for the helpful reply.