Having trouble with recording a guitar track, out of sync

Hey everyone…

A friend of mine and myself have been laying down some guitar tracks. He did his first, then I tried adding my bass track and drums. At first I thought maybe I was just off sync myself when I recorded them but then I tried again last night and this time I put on some headphones and could hear that when I would hit a string there was a delay of about a second or two.

We both have the same Audacity version. At first I used a USB mic to record because I didn’t have an adapter jack for my guitar chord but I ended up trying either way and there is still a delay.

Last night I downloaded the most current beta version to see if that would make a difference, nada, still a problem.

Also here is another question. I have a new dell computer. Where should I be plugging my guitar into? it has a microphone jack on the front of the computer and then there is the sound card on the back. I noticed the volume is very low and I can’t seem to adjust…

Anyone have the same problem and how I can fix it? Much appreciated…dano

Check in “Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O”.
“Software Playthrough” should be disabled.

I think Audio I/O Software Playthrough" is disabled but I will check that when I get home, thanks…if for some reason it is, any other ideas to fix this problem?

I had the same problem, and here is what fixed it for me.
It sounds dumb but… My Audacity file was filing up with too many sound files. Too crowded, so to speak. I moved all of the sound files to another folder on my desktop and ran the program from it’s original folder. Grabbing samples etc… from the other folder as I need them. Works fine now.


I have a similar problem, but its a little different.

I’m recording multiple tracks of guitar and bass over a premade, artificial drum track which has been imported as a .wav
The input is coming from a Line6 TonePort which allows me to add effects to the guitar in real time, and also record said track.

My friend and I used this method before, and the recorded tracks ended up playing back quicker than the other tracks. We realized the rate was different and that fixed the problem then.

Now I’m having the same problem, but the rates have all been the same the entire time. The track records with about a half second delay, which is easily fixable by scootching it up, but the track is also playing back at what seems to be a faster rate. Any ideas?

By the way, Software Playthrough IS unticked and again all rates are the same.

I wonder if anyone can help…

I have a note delay of a second or so when recording my bass. I turned the Playthrough off but now i get no (nada nothing) of the bass
as if it was not hooked in

trying to figure this out and any/all suggestions would be welcome

We now have multiple questions in this thread and it will not be clear which question is being answered. Also we do not know what operating system or version of Audacity you have, or how you have things set up. Please start a new thread in the appropriate part of the forum and give as much detail of your set up as possible. http://audacityteam.org/forum/index.php