Having trouble with Orphan Block Files

I got notified that a couple of files for some of my recordings were deleted. So I went onto my recycling bin and restored them. Now it’s giving me this notification whenever I open the files:


How should I handle this situation? Should I re delete the files or is it fine leaving it as is?

Which Audacity is this?

Do you have the work in a form such as backup WAV files so you can recreate the shows if you need to?

You may easily find that the affected show comes back with holes in the sound or other damage. Sudden, unexplained deletion of Audacity files sometimes continues.

Any idea what happened? Are you using external, network, or cloud drives? Are you starting to fill up your internal drive?


Yes, on the 22nd of Febuary I created a wav file of each recording.

Well I was trying to mix and match the three recordings, as in make a file with some parts from one and some parts from another. To do this I would copy and paste the portions of each file into the new combined one. Then I just got a message saying that a bunch of files from the folders had been deleted, so I went to my recycle bin and restored each and every one of them, it was then I got the message in the screenshot I posted.