Having trouble removing high pitch screech


My audio is a terrible high pitch screeching noise and I am having a lot of trouble getting rid of it. I’ve tried playing with the Noise Reduction, Graphic EQ, and the Filter Curve. It seems like I can’t get rid of the noise without losing my own voice too!

I’m a complete Audacity beginner…I’ve attached the audio file and would greatly appreciate some advice on how I can get rid of that screech!

Thank you.

Audacity version 2.3.3
Windows 10 Home Version 1903

That’s pretty badly banged up. Do you have a sample before you did anything to it? I assume the original recording didn’t sound like a bad cellphone call.


Unfortunately, this is the original :frowning: . I recorded it on my laptop.

I think most of that is your laptop internal fan. Whatever you did, don’t do that any more.

This is brute force killing each whistle individually with Notch Filters.

Effect > Notch Filter: 2922Hz, Q10
Effect > Notch Filter: 5042Hz, Q10
Effect > Notch Filter: 5848Hz, Q10
Effect > Notch Filter: 6621Hz, Q10

I also applied the Audiobook Mastering filters to make it louder and get rid of the low-pitched rumble sounds.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 4.16.02.png

In My Opinion you overused Noise Reduction and once you do that, there is no recovery from the honky, wine-glass sound.

You are a candidate for the Special Hollywood Filter. Write down what he said and have an actor read into a good microphone in a quiet, echo-free room.


Koz, you’re a wizard. I went through your steps and it sounds so much better, thank you.

What does the ACS-check do? When I ran it, it says the left and right channel fails to meet ACS requirements. Noise floor exceeds ACX specifications of -60 dBFS.

I’ve attached a picture of the message.