Having trouble recording streaming audio

Hopefully someone can help me with my hardware issues and using Audacity.

I have a HP desktop pc with Windows 7 Pro (64 bit). When I go to Recording Devices the only item listed is Digital Audio (S/PDIF). So when I go to use Audacity and try to record streaming audio, I get input from the left channel only. And it isn’t even the music I am trying to record. It is a constant noise (buzz).


I bought an Asus Xonar DX sound card and installed it. It works fine. However, again when I go Recording Devices, the only options are again Digital Audio (S/PDIF) or Line in. So again Audacity doesn’t work correctly.

I noticed on my laptop that it has IDT High Defintion Audio which does allow recording with Audacity correctly.

Does anyone have any suggestions?? It’s as if I don’t have the correct hardware to allow any streaming.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Are you trying to record S/PDIF, or “What-U-Hear”, streaming over the Internet?

Sometimes, some of the inputs are hidden by default, and some soundcards/drivers have limited capabilities. I assume your mic & line inputs are simply hidden/disabled. Many Win7 drivers simply cannot record streaming audio, but there are a few applications that get-around the limitation. See [u]this page[/u] for suggestions and alternative recording software.

DVDdoug - thanks for your help. The tutorial page helped me determine that I can’t record through my system, but i can buy a Creative external sound card that will. Great forum…thanks again.

My wife solved this problem by purchasing the TotalRecorder software that is also referenced on the page that Doug pointed you at - it cost her a mere $17.99 and works well. She captures with TR then imports the capture file into Audacity and does the rest of her editing there.

AFAICT from the TR manual it looks as though TR is actually capturing the digital bit-stream direct from the streaming internet sites rather than actually recording it, thus missing out digital=>analog=>digital steps - but don’t hold me to that :sunglasses: