having trouble recording from my mic

I’ve got my mic hooked into the audio interface hooked into the computer and everything should be groovy, but the f***er doesn’t record any sound. it registers that sound is being recorded but when i play it it doesn’t give me anything.

What gives? Any help?

Aaahgh! Frustrating when it doesn’t go right isn’t it.
Because of where you have posted on the forum we have no idea which version of Audacity you are using, what your operating system is, or anything else about your set-up.

If we can start with that - also include what your sound card is, and any settings you have made - the more detail the better - then we may be able to find what’s wrong.

An important bit - are the record meters (red) moving when you record - does a blue wiggly waveform appear in the track - does the playback meter (green) move when you try to play back?

It’s 1.6.2, windows xp, the mic is a perception 100, the audio interface is a m-audio mobilepre usb and the sound card is a Realteck HD audio output.

and yessum, the red meter is moving and the wave forms appear.

and the audio comes through the speakers.

You did miss quite a few steps in the middle there.

You got the bouncing red meters and then you pressed stop and got the blue waves on the timeline. Then you File > Export As WAV and gave it a legal filename with upper and lower case letters, numbers, dash and underscore only; and then what happened?


It sounded like nothing.

…I don’t know why that would make any difference…

It doesn’t work in sound recorder either so it isn’t Audacity.

This is a quick test. Download and play the Left-Right-Mono sound clip from here…


…and play it. The fourth segment is intentionally damaged. Can you hear it?


I couldn’t hear piano2-CoolEdit.mp3 if that’s the one you were talkin’ of.


and now all my sound just broke! what the f***

'kay, i heard the first one… i heard a loud thump.

i was listening to music earlier and now it just broke…

something’s all f***ed up!

Okay I just restarted and now it’s fixed.

something’s all f***ed up!

Sudden machine insanity can be caused by your hard drive filling up. How large is your drive and how much space to you have left?



i don’t know what to make of this and i don’t like it.

I assume that you mean 1.2.6 and not 1.6.2

OK, so I’ve got most of the bits, now what do I plug in where? (I’m trying to make an exact copy of your set-up).

I plug the AKG microphone into an XLR socket on the m-audio (big socket with 3 holes).
On the m-audio I have “phantom power” switched on.
I have plugged the USB cable from the m-audio into the USB sockets on the back of my PIV 3GHz desktop PC.
I have a pair of Senheizer HD870 headphones plugged into the headphone socket on the front of the PC.
PC has a 200GB hard drive as the C: drive with 100GB free space
I have an internal D: drive which is 500GB with 302GB free space and a 1TB external USB hard drive that is nearly empty.
All drives have been recently defragmented.

I have installed Windows XP SP3 and Audacity 1.2.6

In Audacity Preferences (Edit menu > Preferences > Audio I/O) I have selected “m-audio USB” as the recording device, and “RealtekHD” as the playback device.

When I record the red meter flickers up and down and a blue wiggly waveform appears in the new track.
When I play back, the green playback meter flickers in time with the music and sound comes through my headphones.

OK, so where is your system different from mine?

it’s basically the same.

So you mean it’s working now? If not, then which other bits are different?

eh? i mean the setup is basically the same.

i don’t have headphones, i have more harddrive space and i haven’t defragged.

I can’t help if I don’t know your set-up, and it would be one heck of a coincidence if your set-up is identical to that which I have described.
The thing is that, if it is set up as I described, it will work, so there is obviously some important difference that you are not telling us.

akg mic, windows xp…


the waveforms bounce but there’s no sound.

the waveforms bounce but there’s no sound!

i wanna sing! i wanna play piano and sing!

i wanna be a STAAAAAARRRRR…!!!

Best guess from the information given:
“Edit menu > Preferences > Audio I/O tab” the “Playback Device” is set wrong.


you win. thank you.

thank you so much.

hay my mic dont seem to be working…i can hear it in my speakers but its not working with audacity…help please!

Not enough information.

Select the mic as the recording device in audacity (Preferences → Devices → Recording)