Having Trouble Opening Media

I have used Audacity for quite sometime to edit/post interviews that I do by phone. As of late however, when I try to open a destination file such as an .MP3, it just inserts a blank file (with a continuous blue line). I have attached a picture for you to look at. I have never encountered an issue with this program before and I have used it so long that I cannot simply switch to another sound editing program and have several interviews I need to edit. I have also tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it to no avail. Can someone help me please? Thank you!

With reference to the numbers on the left, 22050 is not a “normal” sample rate. It’s a special rate used by some sound recorders.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Quality > Sampling > 44100, 16-bit > OK.

See if your MP3 file opens now.


Yes Koz, that worked! Thank you very much for the help!

  • Jay

You’ve got one over on me there, Koz. Has this scenario happened before?

Even if Default Sample Rate is 44100 Hz, a 22050 Hz file will import at 22050 Hz project rate if it’s the first file to open in the project. And the file will always be imported at its actual sample rate (the track rate which is shown to left of the blue waves).

22050 Hz is an accepted sample rate in the MP3 specification - it supports bit rates up to 160 kbps. However there is no advantage in 22050 Hz over 44100 Hz unless the bit rate is very low.

You’ve also suggested to change the Default Sample Format to 16-bit, so that if an edit makes the audio too loud (above 0 dB), it cannot be repaired by Edit > Amplify, only by Undo.

So why was the sample rate and/or sample format silencing the track?