Having trouble multi tracking

When I hit record one a new project it records fine but when I try to record a new track it starts and stops immediately, and if I keep clicking record it just adds new tracks but stops the recording before anything even records and occasionally let’s me actually record a new track and then starts and stops again.

Please state:

which version of Linux you are using,
the exact three-section version number of Audacity from Help menu > About Audacity,
whether you are running the Audacity Team AppImage, or installed your distribution’s release, PPA version, or compiled Audacity from source code.

I am using audacity 2.4.2

OK, not much info to work with so I’ll take a guess - try plugging your headphones into your USB audio interface and ensure that the interface is selected as the default device for both recording and playback in the PulseAudio mixer, then launch Audacity and select “Default” for both playback and recording in the Device Toolbar.