Having Trouble Getting Started

Would like to rip some cassette recordings from the early 1970s so that they can be digitized and shared. My playback device is a Hype Tape to MP-3 cassette player model HY-2010-TP

In the Device Toolbar, my selections are Windows WASAPI (as the cassette player is compatible with Vista/7.0), but I am not sure what the Recording Device, Recording Channels, or Playback Channels should be.

When I play the cassette and hit the record button in Audacity, and the Recording Device is set to Speakers - USB Audio Controller, I get nothing. Same with Realtek Digitial Output. When I have one of the other two selections, then the Record button works and it looks like it should be recording but there’s no sound

Am wondering if my device simply isn’t compatible with Windows 10 and I need to figure out another way to get the signal into Audacity?

Please see this Tutorial:

I would suggest keeping it simple. MME host is most compatible.

Audio Host = MME
Recording Device = USB Audio CODEC for Hype (some entry that has “USB” in its name)
Recording Channels = 2
Playback Device = Realtek Speakers (or Headphones). Don’t choose a Digital or HDMI output unless you actually have a playback device connected to that output.

If you don’t see the Hype USB device, use Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.

Also in Audacity’s Transport Menu, enable Software Playthrough - it should have a checkmark (tick) by it. Software Playthrough lets you listen while recording. Playback is sent to the playback device you set in Device Toolbar.

Finally, make sure that Windows has your Hype set to stereo recording: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_recording_how_to_s.html#rinstereo (that applies to Windows 10 too).