having trouble combining tracks

i recorded 2 separate tracks with my guitar and im trying to combine them together to make one track. can anyone tell me what i need to do? i have tried everything and am having no luck.

see the Mix and Render command on this page in the manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/tracks_menu.html


thanks wax for the quick reply. your link was helpful, but it didnt quite solve the problem i was having. i guess i should have been more specific in my post. i have saved two different files and im trying to combine them into one track or project and i am having no such luck. the mix and render option works great as long as i am recording tracks on the same project. but any info on how to combine two separate saved tracks into one track would greatly be appreciated.

Ok …

  1. Open Project 1

  2. Use Tracks > Add New > Stereo Track (or Mono if you are working in Mono) to create a second track

  3. Open Project 2

  4. Select the whole project - use CTRL+A

  5. Copy it to the paste buffer - use CTRL+C

  6. Go back to Project 1

  7. Select the new second track you added - click in its Track Control Panel

  8. Paste from the paste buffer - use CTRL+V

THEN you can use the Mix and Render


thank you once again for the reply, you have been very helpful and the problem has been solved.