Having trouble cleaning up audio of voices

I am new to using this software. I have read the tutorials & am impressed with how user friendly this software is. However, I have an audio file that I am trying to clean up. The voices are softer than the background noise(men & women) & I have been trying for a few hours now to clean up the audio, attempting to remove the hum, while amplifying the voices. I’ve managed to clear it up a bit, but it still very hard to hear what we were talking about. I’ve followed the noise removal tutorial, but it wasn’t all that effect. I’ve also tried the normalizing, amplifying, but I admittedly am unable to figure out the equalizing graph. The compressor helped, but it also amplifies a clicking noise over our voices. Is there a better method I can utilize to get rid of the overlaying hum/clicking & amplify the vocals? Thanks in advance for any help!!!

We have no forensics tools. The kiss of death is usually that the noise is louder than the show. In almost all cases, you have no show.

The noise reduction tool for example, works by sensing voices or music and tries to route reduction artifacts and damage around them. These services fail if the noise is the predominant component.

Another portion of the tools is Profile Capture where you identify Noise Only. This is a very important step, but you have to hear enough of the show to know when there isn’t any show in order to capture the profile. The failure is regenerative.


Effects > Equalization > Graphic Eq, will give you a series of sliders at the bottom. They work like the equalizer you go to the store and buy. Low sounds at the left, louder and softer, high sounds on the right louder and softer.

The tool does not apply in real time. You have to try a setting, UNDO and try another one.


Thanks so much for your replies & suggestions! I will continue to work with it & hopefully get it cleaned up enough to ‘mostly’ hear our voices.