Having latency issues (and no other guide works..)

Hi everybody, please pardon me if I’ve posted this somewhere where wasn’t supposed to but it’s my first post.

I’ve downloaded Audacity 2.2.2 and I’m having troubles with output latency, can’t properly tell how much but I think I’m around 10-15ms. I need to have monitoring of my recording track (that is, hearing back what you’re playing) even when I’m playing over a MIDI track or a karaoke.
The only thing I can do up to now is record at high latency and then backwarding the track until I’m good timed.
Problem persists at 44.1kHz as well as 48 and sample rate of my driver doesn’t seem to do anything.
Every guide I found online isn’t working, I really don’t know how to test my latency and solve it somehow to have a good monitoring.

Hope someone can help me.

Are you confusing Machine Latency with Record Latency? Machine Latency is the reason you can’t plug your headphones into the computer to do overdubbing. The headphone feed will always have “one computer” worth of delay as a sum of the digitizing and processing errors.

That’s why in overdubbing work, you have to listen to your microphone, device or interface, not the computer. That and your device has to offer “Zero Latency Monitoring.” If you’ve been shopping for sound systems, that’s what that phrase means.

After you resolve that, you can follow the instructions for Recording Latency and set it so your new tracks overlay the backing track.

If you have a microphone, it’s jam the headphones against the microphone…

If you have a hard-wired instrument, it’s a jumper cable.