Have to press 'space' 3 times for playback

I just installed a clean install of Audacity on a new laptop, and now I’m having issues with playback. I have to press spacebar a few times (usually 3) before playback will start. Audacity is the active window and I don’t push or tap anything else; just space repeatedly until it starts playing. I’ve checked to make sure that the space bar is assigned to that shortcut and it is. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks!

Clean install of Audacity 2.1.2 on Windows 10. Installed via the .exe installer.

The Spacebar is busted? Do the rest of the keys work OK?


Typing a browser post doesn’t count. AutoCorrect will roll right over missing spaces.


Works fine everywhere else, both typing and using shortcuts in other software programs. Another issue, maybe related maybe not is that even when it takes there is a noticeable delay between hitting space and playback starting. The delay is longer the further away from the current location I try to jump to. Never happened before with my older laptop. Everything else happens faster w/ the new computer.

How long is the show? We have been burned by assuming the poster has a three minute song and it turns out they have a 15 hour surveillance recording.

Also, Audacity is a 32-bit application running (I’m assuming) on a 64-bit machine. So it’s never going to be a fire-breather.

Are you running other audio applications? Audacity doesn’t play well with others and it’s possible it’s struggling to connect to the sound services in the machine.


This one is about a 40 minute spoken word podcast. No other audio applications, but it is a new Dell. Now that you mention it, I think Dell routs the audio through some Dell audio manager application when you use the headphones. I’ll look into that. Thanks!