have old 45 record

My friend gave me this 45 record 20 some years ago, he is no longer with us, died 15 years ago, miss him , well anyway he made this 45 record with him singing on it. I just want to move it from the Crosley USB Turntable to my computer, I can record it and listen to it, but don’t no how to save it to my computer or burn to CD. I am using Windows 7 HP computer.

Audacity will not Save a sound file, but it will File > Export one. File > Export: WAV (Microsoft) and give it a simple name. No dates or punctuation marks.

After that, drag the file to or open it in Windows Media and use the Audio CD Burning tools.

You won’t need most of this. Scroll around.


Thank you, for the help Kos, I will try that,old man learning new tricks lol.hope it works.

sorry I spelled your name wrong Koz, thank you.

Am not to sure what to do, do I type that in or find it somewhere ? Koz

You should have a computer mouse. Take it in your hand and click on “File” top left of the Audacity screen. This opens the File menu. Now move your mouse down the File menu and click on “Export…”. Choose the “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM” option. Type in the file name. Press “Save”.

When you drag the exported WAV file into Windows Media Player, make sure you move it into a playlist before you burn it to CD. You can press F1 on your keyboard to get help with Media Player.


thanks that i can understand