Hauppage WinTV 1600 board

I am using Windows 7 and have a Hauppage TV board (internal). I have several RCA jacks on my computer which connect to the board. The board allows me to record. I want to record some old LP albums but I cannot get Audacity to recognize the board. It only recognizes the microphone. Anybody have any Ideas on how to record using Audacity. I figure if Audacity cannot do it pobably nothing can without buying expensive equipmnt.

Many TV boards produce a combined audio/video signal. As Audacity is an audio only program it may not be able to “see” such a signal.
Reasonable quality USB sound cards start at a very low price, for example the Behringer UCA202 (line level input only) at around $30, or the more versatile (but less cheap) offerings from ART.