Harsh noices

Hello! I don’t know why but the audio in Audacity makes harsh noises. I have a OS X El Capitan (version 10.11.6) and my Bluetooth speaker is Philips BT100. For an example, when I listen music on YouTube with my speaker then everything sounds great but when I listen the audio in Audacity then it’s makes harsh noises, and on Windows 8 computer Audacity with my Philips speaker works great. Does anyone knows how can I fix it?

OS X El Capitan (version 10.11.6)

Running on a what? I have a Macbook Air.

Audacity makes harsh noises

That’s not a lot to go on. Can you describe the noises? Are there noises with Audacity stopped? Are there noises between words or songs?

What is the show? What’s playing on the Mac?

Start with a fresh Audacity. Generate > Silence: 1 minute. Play it. Does it have noises?


I’m running on MacBook Pro. I don’t know how but today I opened Audacity and when I for first time listened to my song it didn’t had any harsh noises but sadly when I listened it another time [I just pressed on “stop” and then on “play”] and I got again harsh noises. These noices are like in every 1 second [this noise sounds not loud and sound like distortions]. I don’t have any noices when Audacity is stopped. I tried to generate Generate > Silence: 1 minute and it didn’t had any noices. I also tried to reinstall Audacity but it didn’t fix the problem.

When was the last time you shut down your Mac? I don’t mean Restart. I mean Apple > Shutdown… wait a bit and then Start. Listen for the Chong. While it was shutting down, did you get a spinning white daisy for a long time?

Still broken?

Is this your first song? Do you have a lot of recordings and this is the first one to have problems?


I had spinning white daisy for like 2 seconds and the computer menaged to shutdown really fast. Sadly the issue is not fixed yet. Here I made an unlisted YouTube video where you will see how the exactly same audio file with my speaker sounds on my Windows 8 computer and on my MacBook Pro computer. I really hope that my issue is fixable.

I’m still looking for some help

BTW, I’m also hearing “harsh noises” when using Bluetooth headphones. By that, I mean I’m hearing crackling during playback, and only during parts of the file where there’s actually sound: silent passages remain silent. Connect the wire, though, and it sounds fine. Audacity is the only app on my MacBookPro (early 2015 Retina, macOS 10.14.6) that does this. Playback device: WH-CH700N (my headphones), recording device: built-in microphone. (Doesn’t matter; I’m editing sound, not recording.) Same settings on the system itself: output device = headphones, input device = built-in input.