Harmonic noise isn't generating anything

Hello there, i’ve try these music notes: B-0 G#3 D9 the Harmonic noise generator won’t generate, but here is other thing it will generate these: c2 c3 ef4 g4 bf4 c5 these ones as by default. is there any way anyone can fix this?

If you could post a link to the download, or attach the .NY file to your reply, I’ll take a look.

What exactly have you entered in the text field?
What means b-0, is it b minor or b flat?
Since there are only notes allowed, it is probably bflat, which should be indicated as bf0.
Sharp notes have a s to them, thus gs3.
The d9 is not defined because only 8 octaves are available (b7 being the last note).
Change it to d7 (= 2349 Hz)
One can go beyond this by entering the midi number directly (e.g. 110 for d8).
However, this produces only a lot of aliasing because the harmonics added are to high for a sample rate like 44.1 kHz.

If you wanted the chords, you have to enter the individual notes (for one chord per plug-in call).

thanks :slight_smile: