Hardware setup suggestions.

I have an old Behringer eurorack ub802 which is not usb. I have used it with audicity to record but I have read that in order to use headphones for overdubbing I will need either a usb mixer or run the mixer through a usb interface. With the present set up, I cannot hear the other tracks when I am recording a new track. I would like to keep using what I have and purchase a behringer uphoria um2 to run between the mixer and the interface. Is that a workable setup for audacity? Are there other interfaces that are more compatible? I am using windows 10.

You may be making this intentionally more complicated than it needs to be. If you have a good analog microphone, wired headphones, and a UM2, why do you need anything else? A UM2 will do bi-directional sound monitoring for overdubbing (select Direct Monitor).


That’s my UM2 on the left.

I don’t need the orange external drive or the coffee. Complete as it sits.


Yes that’s workable. I use a similar system, but with a UCA-101 (a very old cut-down version of the UCA-202).

If you’ve not bought the interface yet, I’d suggest that you consider the UMC202HD. It costs a bit more, but it is a lot more flexible and has true “line level” input options (best when connecting to a mixing desk). For a lot of small tasks, the UMC202HD is likely to be sufficient without even having to set up the mixer.