hardware or software?


i have problems with my recording devices… When recording with audacity or any other recording software i dont get any signal… i have tried withe other mics too, but cant get any signal… my drivers are installed but maybe not complete correct but i think i did, cause i used the drivers from the packard bell site… I recently formatted my pc, and since then i have this problem, so please if you can help…



Which recording source is selected in Audacity’s Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O menu?

sorry for the somewhat late reply… Audacity has selected the realtek input and output, but i also used the other ones for a check but none works…
so maybe it is hardware… :s lemme know if some knows…



What kind of equipment are you trying to record from? Is it a computer mic or is it a real mic?

It’s most likely a driver problem if it occurred after formatting. You’ll either have to update them or fiddle with the driver software in order to enable the input you need. I can’t say how to do that without knowing anything about your driver software.