hardware or software problem?

I own a laptop with Windows Vista, I brought a Digitech Usb Turntable that came with Audacity 1.2.6.
The sound that is produced is shockingly BAD! I have done all that has been suggested (like trying to upgrade sound card, check audio/recording settings, checked plugs and many, many other things including experimentaion with settings within Audacity), I have read through every bit of info I can find on the net but still no go. I’m am wondering if it might be the turntable itself? I have also tried cleaning up an audio track as best I could then export, then burn and still it sounds like shit.(A suggestion that I thought was pointless)

Exact problem: After recording an LP to Audacity I press playback and can only really hear the music, the lyrics are so faint you can hardly tell there is a voice there at all. It is not the LP as I have tried a few, on the Digitech turntable as well as our own. I have tried using external speakers as I know Laptop speaker are really tinny but still no change.

If there is anything you can do that would be great as I will return the Usb Turntable if this is the quality of the product. It is not possible to listen to this quality at all.

Thank very much for your time.


<<<The sound that is produced is shockingly BAD!>>>

It’s supposed to be bad, not Shockingly bad.

Just to cover the bases, download and play the Left-Right sound test from my web site …


It’s really short and it’s revealing if your sound system is doing something wrong.

If it’s not, then we get to mess with the actual turntable.


I’m sorry to have to inform you that the Digitech USB turntable is a really bad sounding turntable.
I bought one online and returned it the same day.
There are no low frequencies, and what frequencies remain are highly distorted.
No amount of audio processing will fix it.
It is not fit for the purpose.
I know it’s cheap, less than a hundred dollars here in Australia, but it sounds so bad it’s not worth even a dollar.

The Digitech turntable is a joke, I believe that the producers of the unit have forgotten to include the correct audio de-empasise curve, i recorded a track with the Digitech then I pulled out my old Apan turntable out of storage and using an off the shelf preamp (model AC1662 from Jaycar) I passed the audio into the Computers Line input.
The differences were amazing, the digitech tutrntable produces a tiny sound with high frequency emphasis and virtualy no bass and the 20year old turntable and a $25 preamp was near perfect.
The only ‘trick’ with the Audacity software seems to be locating the correct input control in Windows by double clicking the Audio Icon on the taskbar and entering options, properties and selecting the recording input volume control (in my case I use the line volume control).
One more point please dont expect a sub $100 turntable to be able to ‘track’ old and warped vynal records.
The Audacity Software is excellent I have created Cd and MP3 formats that play through a variety of audio equipment and I am slowly converting my old LP collection into digital format.

A note. It is possible to mess up the cartridge connections such that the left and right cancel. On a stereo show, you can almost get away with that, but the performances will have no bass and few if any vocals – pretty much the symptoms on each of these turntables.

It’s broken. Send it back.