Hardware or Software problem *Resolved*

I’m using an M-Audio Fast Track interface to record bass samples on Audacity. I’m only able to record in stereo, because I am only getting an input signal on the right channel. The left channel is just a recording white noise, and the random high frequency peak from the instrument signal. Is this a common problem with Audacity, or Is the problem with the Fast Track?

What I have been doing to get around this problem is recording in stereo. Then splitting the stereo track, deleting the left track and then making the right track mono. I can’t just record in Mono, because mono records off of the left input, to which I am getting little to no signal.

Audacity records whatever is presented to it by the operating system and the hardware. It does not apply effects or filters during recording.

Run the Windows Sound Recorder and see what it thinks.

– Windows Sound Recorder
– Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment

(That’s where it used to be.)


Would coming out of the headphone jack on my mixer into the mic input on my computers sound card work? That way I could bypass the FastTrack and see if it fixes the problem.

Mic-In on most Windows Laptops is mono and very delicate – easily overloaded. If you have an actual soundcard, use the blue Stereo Line-In.



Thank you,

I think its a problem with my interface. Im going to try a different usble before getting a new one. There is a signal on the left side but its very week and only slightly picks up the loudest peaks. The mixer to the line in worked as it should.

See if you can borrow a cable instead of buying one. It’s not likely to be the cable. Koz

I think i have another one. it just seems weird that the signal is there just really weak.

There is one thing you can do. Put your earbuds or headphones across an RCA cable plugged into the Line-Out in back of the unit.


Only one earbud will work -=- usually left.

You should hear, quietly, the show at both RCAs. If you can only hear one, then there’s something wrong with the FastTrack.

Did the instructions say you could connect a bass guitar?

Do you have the Direct Monitor button pushed by accident?


I figured it out, the 1/4" phone jack, line in/guitar is in the right channel. The XLR input for the mic is the left channel. I dont know why the mic input was picking up the peaks of the right channel. The FastTrack was pretty much the weak link in my system so I bought a better interface with right and left channel inputs so I can use both outs of my mixer. I think it should work much better now but I wont know until I get home tonight to try it out.

Legacy crosstalk. That’s why I asked you about the bass guitar. A regular guitar can generate very healthy, powerful signals on its 1/4" plug. I know because I measured it. It’s almost, but not quite as powerful as the signal from the Line-Out of your cassette machine, DVD player, or other home sound equipment. That’s why sometimes the guitar and line inputs are the same socket.

A bass guitar can do much more damage.

Powered by USB - no power adapter required

I don’t like that very much because the 5v power at the USB connection just isn’t very much juice, so everything inside the FastTrack is on constant starvation diet.

Now put all that together with the microphone amplifier which is designed to amplify 1000 times to get a microphone loud enough for a show.

So there you are with your nuclear explosion guitar signal in the same underpowered box with the delicate butterfly microphone signals. What could go wrong?


Thanks so much for your help man, its much appreciated.

So I am now in business. I replaced the FastTrack with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. It has right and left inputs each with individual gain controls, and both are switchable from line level to instrument level. Now that I have both channels of my mixer going into an interface with two channels, audacity is working perfectly. Not to mention that the new interface sounds much better than the old one.