hardware noob here

Hi, I have a korg krome keyboard with a midi out to a steinberg ur22, which is then connected to a usb to my laptop with windows 8.1. Drivers for ur22 are installed and the newest version of audacity reads them. I would love to record a song on to the computer. But when I press the record button on an audacity track while the music is playing on the keyboard nothing shows up. I am a complete recording noob here so can someone pls tell me if I need to go buy more wires or do some more specific settings on this audacity??? Thanks

Everything on that list is MIDI compliant…except Audacity. Audacity has some MIDI talents, but not enough to do actual musical production and recording.


You can run everything analog and do it all that way. That’s how I do it with my keyboard.

Patch the keyboard Stereo Line-Out or Stereo-Headphone (my keyboard doesn’t have a line-out) into the front panel left and right sockets of the UR-22. The connections in the UR-22 will accept either an XLR microphone:

or a 1/4" guitar plug (attached).

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 19.11.39.png

Thanks for the quick reply. I will go try that method :sunglasses: