Hardware compatabiliy question [SOLVED]

I considering a Sternberg UR22mkII. Can’t find anywhere in the literature if it will work with Audacity. In the reviews users claim to be using
it with GarageBand, so it seems like it would play nice with Audacity. Yeah, I know, I should probably have abetter understanding of what I’m
doing, but, well…all I know is that Audacity works GREAT using the line in or the built in microphone on my MBP. Not sure how it will
work with foreign hardware… Tnx for any advice…Curley I’m using 10.10.5 Don’t remember how I got it…

If you have one of the larger, older MBPs with an actual, real Line-In (on the left)…

Then you’re good to go. You can adapt the Steinburg Line-Out connections to one stereo 1/8". If Steinberg offers the option of wall-power 5v totally take them up on that. Many problems can be avoided by providing your own power to the device rather than relying on the computer USB.

They say the magic word “MIDI”, so without reading the whole book I’m guessing that’s what the USB does, not audio. But it’s possible it does both. Make fresh coffee and read the book.

This was how I shot a voice production at work.

That’s a tiny field sound mixer jacked into the Stereo Line-In of my MBP. And to be crystal clear, new MBPs don’t have that connection and no way to get it without adding extra devices.

That’s what this is.

My analog mixer is on the right and that’s a Behringer UCA-202 in the middle. It doesn’t matter what’s on the left.


These are the adapters:

There is only one option to that socket with the circle and two black arrows. The older 13"MBP had one connection that you could switch between different jobs in System Preferences. The problem there was you couldn’t listen to what Audacity was doing during a recording. You could only listen to the mixer.


If it works with OSX, it works with Audacity.

Thanks to all who responded to my question…! Great stuff! I can proceed now. I can’t remember how to mark my question as solved…maybe go back and edit it?

Tnx to all again!!!