Hard Limiter no longer works


My name is Uriel and I’ve been having this issue where my audacity no longer lets me do hard limiters on my tracks. It keeps popping up with failed, go to help then click on show logs to see where it has gone wrong. When I click on it, it just shows my program files and I don’t know how to solve the issue.

log.txt (1.94 KB)

The LADSPA “Hard Limiter” effect has been replaced in Audacity 2.1.2 with a better limiter called “Limiter” http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/limiter.html

I’m guessing that you updated Audacity from an earlier version to Audacity 2.1.2 and you can still see “Hard Limiter” listed as an effect.
If this is the case, you can reset the plug-ins by deleting the files pluginregistry.cfg and pluginsettings.cfg.
These files are located in: *Users<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Audacity*
This will reset all effects back to the “factory default” state.
To add optional plug-ins, use the “Plug-in Manager”: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/manage_effects_generators_and_analyzers.html

A couple of tips to add.

If you cannot see "C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Audacity", type


into the Windows Explorer address bar then press ENTER on your keyboard.

There should be no need to delete the pluginsettings.cfg file. Try without that.

Please don’t forget to tell us your Audacity version when you ask questions. This time we know your version because you attached the log, but otherwise we wouldn’t know.


Thanks for the quick reply and sorry for not adding in what version I am on. Next time I will remember to add in what version my audacity program is.