Haptics through voice coils

After watching Tantacrul’s video, and hearing about a dream of Paul Licameli to have haptic editing on sound. I wanted to propose a potential hack-y way to get haptic editing now, if it could be implemented.

Many modern devices are now starting to use voice coil actuators to trigger vibrations. Both the Sony Dualsense controller and the Nintendo Joycon are equipped with them, and can be used as sound outputs. The largest problem I see is that they aren’t very balanced, but this technology seems to be catching on, and I feel like will be refined. I’ve already had very impressive experiences with certain sounds and the Dualsense I’ve been experimenting with, and I feel as though in conjunction with something else, it could be a good aid on getting some sort of perspective - though I say this as a novice.

Even on its own it’s impressive and I would think could be used in very interesting ways.