Hangs after every command

Hi there

I am having more and more trouble with the application hanging every time I click something (Cut/paste/copy/add silence/record/stop/add track/delete track/etc). Often the the app just says not responding and then comes back. This session, I have spent more time waiting than editing this work. For instance saving a file takes 12 minutes.

I am a new user but seem to be catching on quite quickly and really like the features available. I am hoping I can fix this. :slight_smile:

Windows 7 64bit
Audacity version 2.0 from .exe installer


Audacity 2.0.0 can be slow if you have very long tracks or many tracks. There are some things we can improve with autosaving and waveform drawing so as to speed up again in the short to medium term.

How much RAM do you have? 2 GB is the absolute minimum just to run Windows 7 64-bit. If you want to work with long Audacity tracks you need at least 4 GB.

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