Hanging and crashing

I am running Audacity 2.1.1 on iMac with Yosemite 10.10.3
I have recorded some projects (transfer from vinyl) but if I try to record again or append a recording then Audacity either hangs and I have to Force Quit, or it crashes. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

From the upper desktop. Go > Computer. Control-Click on your system drive (usually the top listing) > Get INFO. What are the Capacity and Available numbers?

Attached is a screen grab of mine.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 22.51.53.png

What does the Audacity crash report say in Applications/Utilities/Console.app? Does it mention a “spinlock”?

If so you may need to record then export only one track at a time and only have one Audacity project open at a time. Quit and restart Audacity after recording and exporting the only track.

Does “Audacity Mac OS X 2.1.2 RC1 (for testing)” from http://www.fosshub.com/Audacity.html let you append record or record multiple tracks?