Handling ZOOM H6 marks in Audacity

Good day,

I’m using Audacity to edit organ music recordings, made with a ZOOM H6 handy recorder. To identify cut marks later more easier I set marks during the session to identify them later in post production.

I’ve searched in several Blogs and FAQs to find out if Audacity can show me the marks but without any success. But it would be great to separate the good stuff from the evil and follow my track protocols I’ve prepared during my recordings.

Does Audacity offer this feature? According to my research Reaper does, Cubasis not, what I found amazing. Finally I’d like to continue my work with Audacity because it offers the features i need, no more no less.

Any hints are appreciated - and thank you in advance for your help

Carsten from https://www.georg-calixt-helmstedt.de/kirchenmusik/

Audacity 2.1.3
Windows 10

What sort of “marks” are they?

So I do not believe Audacity currently supports marks or cue points or cue tags contained in metadata tags in WAV or other audio files.

Audacity does however, support Importing and Exporting Labels

I hope this helps. :smiley: