Handling of double clicks reduces zooming speed


it seems the issue of double clicks when zooming is only half-resolved. When you zoom in with fast left mouse clicks, there’s no problem, but when you zoom out with fast right mouse clicks, double clicks are handled and reduce the amount of zoom-out operations performed.

(Windows 8.1, Audacity 2.1.1)

If there is an Audacity problem, we prefer posting to the board for the operating system you are using (so I moved this post from “Feedback and Reviews”).

I don’t know what previous problem you are referring to, but do I assume you are in Zoom Tool?

If so I can “sort of” see what you mean, though it seems to be worse if playing the track while zooming out. Do you agree that SHIFT + left-click zooms out on each click?


I was referring to the fact that when implementing something there are issues to resolve to get the feature first working. Maybe the issue of right double clicks was overlooked from the beginning while the issue of left double clicks wasn’t.


I see the same problem while playing.

Yes, that’s a workaround if you are annoyed by it. But I guess the bug is still getting filed to get resolved.