Handle error

I just painstakely converted a audiobook from cassette to usb stick (I have a stereo where I can convert). I go to audacity to transfer the file(s) to PC. So Side 1 and Side 2 would be merged as if it was a CD. I edited to take silences and when the narrator says Side 1, end of side 1 etc. I try to open Side 2, and get this error…Often I get this error message about handle errror and can choose cancel, retry and ignore. To solve the problem; I had to close audacity, and had to recover the previousrecording before I can edit. Is this a new problem? I used the latest version; and got the error; and used 1.3 Beta, and same result.

If you have checked “Audio Cache (Play and/or record using RAM)” in Directories Preferences, uncheck it and click OK.


That worked. Annoying bug tho.

Audio Cache is mainly intended to be turned on for recording when your Audacity temporary folder is on a slow drive, and then turned off until you record again.

The feature does have bugs and it will not be in 2.0.2 or subsequent releases until we can fix it so that it behaves as intended.