Half my recording is missing

I’m relatively new to Audacity, but I’m using it in a very simple way for now. I have Audacity running on my computer and I’m conducting a call on a speaker phone and recording through my computer mic. Simple. I’ve used the program a couple of times today with success. Today I conducted a call that was about 50 minutes in length. During the call I was watching the Audacity screen and could see the volume levels going up and down. (Sorry- I know that isn’t very techie.) After completing the call, I exported the call to an MP3 file using Lamb. No problem. However, when I opened the file and listened, there was no sound. I went back to the Audacity which is still open on my desktop. When I went back to the beginning of the recording, I can see that there is nothing there for 24 minutes. It just starts at the 24 minute mark. I didn’t do anything on my end. Is there a length issue that I wasn’t aware of and exceeded. (Like perhaps 30 minutes so I only got the last 30 minutes of my call.) Or I saw something in the FAQs about voice activated recording. But I don’t think that is turned on on my system and the volume didn’t change (so there would be no reason it activated later.)

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry- I know that isn’t very techie.

You’re doing fine. Which Virus software do you have? There is one that likes to eat Audacity recordings.

Interesting! I’m using Norton 360 Premier Edition

Try turning off Norton’s Windows temp file cleaner.