H4N w/ Audacity help?

I’m having trouble using my Zoom H4N as an interface to record with Audacity. I have my guitar plugged into the device and have both the speakers and mic set to the Zoom. When I try to record at first it was just turning into strange noise, I messed around with a couple things in the control panel and now nothing happens when I try to record. Can anyone help me?

Is your Zoom set for stereo? I don’t know what happens if you switch it to one of the Quad or Effects settings.

Why did you set the Zoom to be the Speaker? What happens if you set your speakers to be the speaker and leave the Zoom as your “microphone?”

You can look for the Zoom mounted in your Windows Control Panels, but you should really set it in Audacity Preferences.

Audacity > Edit > Devices > Recording > H4, 2 Channel

You also have to set the Zoom to “talk” to the USB as “I/O” and select the microphones as the Zoom Devices. Read the instructions. Yours are going to be different from mine.

Audacity looks for USB devices when it starts. So plug the Zoom in and set it first.

I have an older Zoom H4 and I see the microphones in Audacity.