H4N Recording - Getting rid of Background noise

I made a recording in a public place using my H4N and am trying to edit it in Audacity. We hooked up the microphone so that that should have been the noise the H4N picked up… and it did, but also picked up all of the background noise. I thought I had been able to get rid of it and then think I accidentally deleted that edited file, and now can’t remember how I did it or if I really did it. I’ve played around for a while and can’t make it work again which makes me wonder if I did something wonky and opened up another version of the same song and thought I’d changed the file. I have audacity 1.34.14 on Windows 7.
Any ideas?
We’re new to using the H4N and I also haven’t done a lot besides cutting in Audacity, though I’ve had it for a long while.

This might be a good time to connect your H4N to the computer and copy the work fresh from the machine’s memory. Do you remember how you did that? If you post a short clip for us to chew on, we’re interested in the original capture, not anything that has been worked on already.

The latest Audacity is 2.0.5. 1.3.4 hasn’t been supported in quite a while now.



I updated Audacity, still no luck with it. I’m trying to upload an attachment but it gets close and then disappears… not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Please see https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-post-an-audio-sample/29851/1 for how to post an audio sample. The maximum size is 1 MB.