Guitar to PC

Hi. I’ve read all the forums.

Done everything but it’s just not working.

I have a 6.5mm in/3.5 out socket.

Onboard Motherboard Realtek HD>

Windows 7.

Please post back with help/information you need.

I’m not getting ANY feedback from the mic or line in.

(Have updated my drivers)

Did you also read all the docs and check the wiki?
Did Everything? Then what else can we say to do ?

Need full complete accurate details of your set up and what you are trying to do.

Be happy, most of us have to fight hard to avoid feedback.

Be more specific!!!

Plugging a guitar output into a sound card Line-In (blue?) should work even though you’ll only get sound on Left of the stereo pair and it will be slightly weak. If you’re missing the ability to get sound into Audacity at all, it could be the wacky way Windows decided to arrange sound sources.

If you do get bouncing lights and a wavy blue line but can’t hear the work, that’s a different problem. Set Audcacity preferences for Hardware Playthrough (restart Audacity) and cross your fingers. Very few computers let you hear your work in real time and the delay/echo drives people nuts.