GUitar rig 5.1.0 plugin not registering

Hi - I installed Audacity 2.2.2 and tried to enable the Guitar Rig plugin via the Effect (add/remove) option. I select the Guitar Rig plugin which shows on the list and also reflects the correct path but I get a message “VST plugin initialization failed”. Note: I did copy the Guitar Rig vst.dll from the Guitar rig library and pasted it into the Audacity plugin folder beforehand.
I also then get a “effect at … failed to register” message.

Hope you can help, thanks

I don’t think the Guitar Rig VST fully supports Audacity. The 32-bit version “may” work to some degree, but the 64-bit version definitely will not work at all (because Audacity on Windows is currently 32-bit only).

There is a Free Guitar Rig Player available from Native Instruments.
Audacity “may” be able to record sound from the Guitar Rig Player, but only if either:

  1. Guitar Rig Player can be configured to use standard Windows drivers
  2. If Guitar Rig Player uses Steinberg’s ASIO drivers, Audacity would need to be built from the source code with ASIO support (which requires downloading the ASIO SDK from Steinberg and signing their non-distribution agreement).
    Option 2 is usually a non-starter unless you have some experience developing software.

Alternatively, you could use any supported DAW to record with Guitar Rig, then use Audacity for editing / processing the recording.

Thanks for your reply. Seems like a hit and miss ordeal because I can see many users posting on the net including YouTube showing how to use Audacity with Guitar Rig.
I tried both 32 bit and 64 bit Guitar Rig VST DLL files with no luck.
I will go to Guitar Rig to see what DAW they recommend will work best.
Apart from that I will still use Audacity for editing as it looks like a good application - thanks.