Guitar Recording help

ok ive got a question, when i record on my computer using audacity connecting from my pedal rp250 via usb it records fine, but whenever i wana playback it sounds on my amp, but when i unplug the usb i try to play my recorded tracks on my computer it doesnt sound the distortion from the guitar, it just sounds like an acoustic one and when i pass them to itunes it doesnt sound distorted either, can i make it sound distorted? how can i do so? any help is appreciated

Without digging and research, it sounds like your sound feed is “clean” and that’s what Audacity is recording. When you play back through the pedal, that’s where the musical distortion is added. When you play back anywhere else, there is no pedal, so the sound is clean.

You need to find a way to feed the computer recording downstream from the distortion effect – the music with all the effects in it. Some guitar people found that borrowing an amplifier headphone feed and recording that works just fine. That’s a copy of the show the audience normally hears.


Record your amp with a microphone?

Digitech pedals have their own software for this purpose. It should have come on a disc bundled with the pedal. If that isn’t there, you can use adapters to feed the signal into your sound card. The input level will probably be an issue, so expect to adjust accordingly. Once your signal is good, you can just use the headphone jack on your computer to hear whats going on.