Guitar premature note decay when recorded....

Hi, i am using Audacity 1.2 Windows 8
When i record a note and let it ring on i can hear the note from the amp still “singing”,
but in the waveform the note dies both to the ear and visually long before the actual note in the room has actually died??
So, i have to work around what little “fading” note i have…
How can i bypass this problem and record ALL the note until completely decayed and gone to silent?? Thanks J

Chances are good that’s Windows “helping you.”

That sound like Windows Enhanced Services trying to make your song into a conference call…and it hates music.


Thank you Koz, you nailed it…singing like a bird now, phew…thanks for being there!!! J

I hope that was a typo for Audacity 2.1.1 ? See the pink panel at the top…


It was Gale, using 2.1.1…whoops J