guitar not recording but microphone is

Okay, I’ve looked everywhere. I haven’t had an issue prior to today. I went to record and the following happened.

I have a Scarlett solo interface. My microphone will record fine. My guitar will not record anad they are both plugged in. They both worked prior to today.
When I press record it flatlines on my guitar the red triangle continues to move along. I tryo strumming my guitar and nothing,
I have been encouraged by people to record my songs and am seriously hating the frustration of the recording and now am losing interest in playing.
It was working fine and I was slowly learning how everything worked.
THanks in advanced for help

Is the instrument signal level light on the Solo illuminating?
Have you checked your guitar, battery and lead by playing through an amp?

Plug your headphones into the Solo. You may need an adapter for this depending on your headphones.

Switch the Solo to Direct Monitor ON and turn up the Monitor knob.

Input 2 should be set to INST. Turn up the #2 GAIN knob.

As Steve above, both the instrument and microphone knobs should turn green when you sing or play. If you never get the #2 knob turning green or you can’t hear yourself in the headphone connection, then the guitar is not sending music to the SOLO.


If you’re planning on overdubbing or sound on sound, the wired headphone is very important. You can’t listen to the computer for overdubbing. The live sound will almost always have an echo or delay and you can’t stop it. You have to listen to the Solo.


ok. so I feel like an idiot. It was my battery on my guitar. I replaced it and then turned the fishman tuning button off and it worked. Funny it was an energizer max battery and it barely lasted. Thanks

It was my battery on my guitar.

That’s never happened to me.


On some guitars, there is no battery on/off switch. Instead the battery turns “on” whenever you plug the guitar in. So if you leave the guitar plugged in, you will go through a lot of batteries. :smiley: