guitar clipping

Hi Steve here. I am new to the forum. I have been searching without success on the forums to find out why my guitar sound is clipping. I am using a Audio Technica AT2020+ recording my guitar using a fender deluxe reverb with the volume set at 2. The mic is a few feet away. I have the mic input level at 0 in audacity and it still clips. The record meter levels at going to about 6 which from what I have read is ok. I would think if the mic level is 0 nothing would be recording. I am using windows 7 o/s. Any suggestions.

Is it really clipping or does it actually have a similar-sounding fault like skipping or glitching ?
[ if you post 5 seconds of audio here someone should be able to tell you what is occurring ].

Also is the mic plugged into to a mixer device , or plugged directly into the computer’s USB socket [AT2020 USB] ?