Guitar Amp.

I have a small Marshall 15 watt. It has a direct line output for headphones which I connect to my desktops rear mic jack. I’ve set mound card to playback the sound input, and I can hear the guitar+amp clearly in windows. But audacity cannot detect it. Is there something I have to download, I tried checking the Wiki but it did not mention anything about this. Thanks in advance.

Use the device toolbar to set the recording input to the sound card input that you are using.

Note that the signal from the headphone output of your amp is likely to be far too big for a microphone input. If your computer has one, then you would probably be better to plug into a “line” input.

If you get crunchy sound or fuzz guitar you didn’t intend, that could be the mismatch between the guitar amp and the Microphone-In of the computer. Some work. You may get lucky.


Right… Line-In is a pretty good match for headphone-out. The levels are about right and the impedance is not a problem. Somewhere between mid-volume and full-volume should be about right.

…and I can hear the guitar+amp clearly in windows.

That’s a really good sign… It proves you are getting sound into the computer, and once everything is configured, you should be able to record it!

But, note that Windows has separate recording & playback mixers, so you don’t always hear what you are recording. Some drivers do allow you to record “Stereo Mix” or What-U-Hear", but you have to select that as your recording-input, and you should only do that when you need to. (The recording “mixer” isn’t usually a true mixer because you can usually select only one input at a time.)

Hey all thanks for your reply’s … I was thinking about picking this up whats your opinion or thoughts ? I thought this forum would be relevant as it comes with audacity as the audio editor.