GUI plugins, custom format plugins


I work in speech research and I use audacity on a daily basis, however, there are lots of tiny things that would make my (and other researchers, I assume) life sooo much easier. I would be willing to write plugin for these things and share them, but it seems like plugins are only available for the audio signal processing. Here’s a list of features that I’d appreciate so much, so perhaps someone might help with directing me to an appropriate documentation:

  • custom label format — I use labels, but they are in a slightly different format — is there a way of writing a plugin that does a simple time conversion before loading the label file?
  • importing raw audio and labels from command line — I run audacity in linux and very often I would like to open raw files and/or labels from a command line. Is there a way to do it?
  • pre-selecting different parameters for raw audio import (right now, the pre-filled value for sampling frequency of a raw file is 44100Hz, but I mostly work with 8kHz files, so it’s very anoying to change the field each time I’m loading a file)

So most of the things are GUI-related.

Thank you

It looks to me like you need a customised version of Audacity rather than plug-ins. Do you program in C++?

I do a bit, yes.

The first step in building a custom version, is to build a standard unmodified version first. Once you’ve got that working you can then begin studying and modifying the code.
Basic build instructions for Linux are here:

Thanks, will give it a try. Much appreciated